Canna-Cookie Truffles

Canna-Cookie Truffles Alright, here we have another recipe for you, using canna-butter or canna-chocolate.  So if you’re not sure how to make cannabis infused ingredients check out these two recipes before you begin. Canna-Butter Canna-Chocolate I suggest using one or the other because too much cannabis can leave edibles with a strong cannabis taste and … More Canna-Cookie Truffles

Canna-Mint Cookies

Canna-Mint Cookies Alright, last week I shared my recipe on making canna-chocolate, which is super easy and will help you with this next recipe.      You may also use canna-coconut oil, but I hav’nt tried that one yet, so be careful it might end up being more potent that you think. Ok, on to the … More Canna-Mint Cookies

Cannabis Tea ???

Making Cannabis Tea When it comes to adding cannabis to your tea, there are a few different methods you can  try.  Depending on what you like in your tea. First, I have to say my definition of TRUE cannabis tea, is steeping dry cannabis leaves, stems, or buds in a cup of boiling water.   … More Cannabis Tea ???

Is it safe to drive after using Cannabis?

  DUI & DWI Background There’s a lot of debate about cannabis and driving, and the difference between cannabis and alcohol when it comes to impaired driving.     There are many differences between alcohol and cannabis. Alcohol is a depressant substance and cannabis is an anti-depressant, and the emotional state of the driver is … More Is it safe to drive after using Cannabis?

Anxiety & Depression: Cannabis for Medicine?

  Yes, My family uses cannabis to combat both anxiety and depression. Both my wife and I have anxiety and depression disorder running in the medical history of our families, and we (like many other Americans) started struggling with these disorders in high school. What is the difference between anxiety and depression? Anxiety and Depression … More Anxiety & Depression: Cannabis for Medicine?

Cannabis…where did it come from??

Cannabis Roots Fact:  Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years!!! Unfortunately “facts” in the historical background of cannabis are still being debated by historians, but most theories point to Chinese Asia as the origin of cannabis.   The Asian cultures cultivated and used cannabis for their household materials such as, clothing, rope, … More Cannabis…where did it come from??