Welcome to HappyDays420.com,
This page is about why I started this blog, so here’s a little info on me šŸ™‚


IĀ started this blog becauseĀ I’ve been involved in many aspectsĀ of the World of Medicinal Cannabis.Ā  And I’d like to say, California has plants with the best and highest quality crop you’ll find. However, because this site is about my opinion (and its an honest one) I must say we also have our share of horrendous and unhealthy crop.
As you guessed I’m from California, and it is the origin of some really good cannabis.

What I will be sharing on this website are:

  • The OPINIONS of a;
    • real world, (this is what I’ve experienced working and living in the places that I’ve lived)
    • un-taboo’d, (cannabis was used by my large, and multiracial family for generations ranging as far back as the American cannabis roots) At least that’s what I’ve been told
    • believer, (I have experienced, and witnessed the medicinal use of cannabis and its benefits, also its side effects)
    • supporter of medicinal cannabis.


  • To helpĀ promote facts about the use of the cannabis plant. What I have researched, and worked with, as well as my opinions on those facts. I will accept constructive criticism (but please accept this blog for what it is, simply opinions on my research and experiences).


  • To help people use medicinal cannabis safely, and in a manner which they are comfortable.
    • I do believe in moderation and personal limits, just like alcohol, marijuana can become an addiction if you let it. I believe in medicating according to the users tolerance, largely referencing their body type and effects according to dose and grade. The amount of cannabis a person consumes should be regulated according to the human bodies adjustments to medication. Taking too high a dose can induce uncomfortable side effects such as dizziness, headache, stomach ache, and/or vomiting (believe me I’ve been there), however, taking too low dose may not provide the desired effectiveness (I do know the positive effects it has on chronic pain, and when a patient is given to low a dose for their body type and tolerance, it can be a painful experience and a waste of their money). More to come on the benefits and side effects of medicinal cannabis.


  • Finally, to document my medicinal cannabis journey. Things are always changing and new information is always being found and used, I will be documenting my own journey through the world of medicinal cannabis.