Eazeup Delivery Review

Review of EAZEUP Delivery  Eazeup.com is a delivery service for medicinal cannabis in California. This is not a state wide service yet. So you will need to look up your location on their website to determine whether it’s available in your city. Eaze supposedly makes its deliveries in 20 minutes or less. I think this … More Eazeup Delivery Review

Rilla Vape Review

Background on Vaping Yes, this is a review on the Rilla Vape Pen. But before I start, I think its only right you know my background in vaping. I mean what good is a review of a product if its the only product you’ve ever tried…right??   My first vape was bought from a vape … More Rilla Vape Review

Can Cannabis really affect your sex life?

  The answer:  YES!!! Now remember cannabis hasn’t been researched as extensively as it should have been for the last thousand years. But there is strong evidence in current research that suggests cannabis can affect both the male and female libido system (sexual arousal). Of course you’ll find different results with different strains and with … More Can Cannabis really affect your sex life?

Is it safe to drive after using Cannabis?

  DUI & DWI Background There’s a lot of debate about cannabis and driving, and the difference between cannabis and alcohol when it comes to impaired driving.     There are many differences between alcohol and cannabis. Alcohol is a depressant substance and cannabis is an anti-depressant, and the emotional state of the driver is … More Is it safe to drive after using Cannabis?

Anxiety & Depression: Cannabis for Medicine?

  Yes, My family uses cannabis to combat both anxiety and depression. Both my wife and I have anxiety and depression disorder running in the medical history of our families, and we (like many other Americans) started struggling with these disorders in high school. What is the difference between anxiety and depression? Anxiety and Depression … More Anxiety & Depression: Cannabis for Medicine?

Living with ADHD

  How cannabis reduces effects of my ADHD My wife and I both suffer from moderate ADHD and we both switched to cannabis rather than prescriptions to reduce the effects of ADHD. You can find some of the medications we had been prescribed and their side effects compared to cannabis here.    The severity of … More Living with ADHD