Can Cannabis really affect your sex life?

  The answer:  YES!!! Now remember cannabis hasn’t been researched as extensively as it should have been for the last thousand years. But there is strong evidence in current research that suggests cannabis can affect both the male and female libido system (sexual arousal). Of course you’ll find different results with different strains and with … More Can Cannabis really affect your sex life?

Flowering Cannabis

When to Flower Cannabis When the cannabis plant is nice and strong, in the vegetative state, you can begin the flowering transition. (Also see sprouting, on how to get started) I have read different opinions on how many stages there are in the flowering phase. But if you are truly caring for your plants, you’ll … More Flowering Cannabis

Cannabis Coloring

Cannabis Coloring Pages Adult coloring pages have captivated my wife.  So, I decided to try my hand at making coloring pages featuring my favorite plant. Making coloring pages turned out to be fairly simple, but of course I had to complicate it in the beginning myself. This might sound like the long way, to you … More Cannabis Coloring

Is it safe to drive after using Cannabis?

  DUI & DWI Background There’s a lot of debate about cannabis and driving, and the difference between cannabis and alcohol when it comes to impaired driving.     There are many differences between alcohol and cannabis. Alcohol is a depressant substance and cannabis is an anti-depressant, and the emotional state of the driver is … More Is it safe to drive after using Cannabis?

Cannabis Plant Types +

Origin of Cannabis Plants The three original cannabis breeds were: Sativa Indica Ruderalis (not used for medical purposes, rare) These original cannabis plants were found in different but specific regions of the world. They grew in very different climate patterns. Over the centuries, the cannabis plant has been cultivated and cross bred by people in … More Cannabis Plant Types +