Cannabis & Politics ???

file_000-1I don’t usually discuss politics; I mean honestly has politics really helped anyone.  All I have seen in my lifetime is empty promises and worse results.  And the 2016 election and proposed propositions don’t give me reason to hope.

From the looks of it, we have already had the right to free speech limited, right to privacy is gone, and the right to bear arms is slowly being eliminated.

Of course, this leads to the fact that cannabis was already taken from the public using false claims and false facts.   I mean really, we’re talking about fabric, fuel, paper, cement, plastic, food, and medicine.

Cannabis could put a lot of people to work, and benefit our economy greatly, but it would also decrease the monetary gain of a lot of big businesses, which is something many people don’t want to happen, whether is better for the public or not.

So, now I come to the proposal in California that will be on the ballot, Proposition 64.  I know that anything supported by politics and put on the ballot has its fine print.  So before you vote based on the publicity in social media, or however you get your info, do some serious research. file_004

This proposition is not all it’s cracked up to be, and although it sounds appealing, it just might be taking us backwards and not forwards.

According to,  California NORML, although AUMA (Proposition 64) would allow limited adult recreational use of cannabis, it would also place restrictions on medicinal cannabis patients.

For example, cannabis is already heavily taxed and for those with serious medical conditions and very little income, this can make access to quality medication difficult.

AUMA would place an even higher tax of 15% on cannabis, not including the sales taxes, making it even more difficult to afford. All in all, you could be paying an extra 20-30% just in tax.

22978500334AUMA may also restrict where cannabis is used. Currently medicinal cannabis patients can inhale their medication where smoking is permitted. And vaping is allowed in all areas.  But AUMA proposes to limit locations even more, including where vaping is allowed. Vaping has not been proven to be harmful to the public and has had no restrictions on location.

AUMA also places restrictions on traveling with cannabis, claiming you can have it in the passenger compartment, but if you plan on turning the key (even if it isn’t open) you could be in trouble.

These are only a few of the problems with Proposition 64, so it’s extremely important to do your research before you cast your vote.

My favorite article on this important piece of legislation is on the California NORML website.


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