Bumble Bee Product Review

Bumble Bee Vape Product Review

First, I found their website, bumblebeevape.com, interesting and informative.

Here’s why,file_002

They have a breakdown of their vape pens and cartridges, a list of various strains they offer, and their THC/CBD ratios.

As well as a list of places you can find their products.

I have not tried the bumble bee vape pen, but I have tried many different oil cartridges.  The cartridges are awesome.

If you’ve read my review on the Rilla vape pen, then you’ll know why I haven’t tried this particular pen.

Although these pens are disposable,

file_001Once you have a vaporizer, why would you want to spend more money buying more pens.

When you have your vaporizer you really just want to try new flavors, not have multiple vapes around the house.  Not to mention cutting back on environmental waste.

But this is a generational hippie and penny pincher speaking, but enough of my rambling.

These cartridges are versatile, I use them with my Rilla Vape Pen, and they work perfectly.

I’m also a fan of this oil because it does have a higher potency when compared to other oils, I have tried.  I also enjoy consistency, and each time I use the bumble bee oil I have not been disappointed.

For those people looking to stock their shelves, I do recommend stocking the bumble bee products.file_003

If you’ve tried any bumble bee products, leave a comment and tell us what you thought.

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