Canna-Mint Cookies

Canna-Mint Cookies

Alright, last week I shared my recipe on making canna-chocolate, which is super easy and will help you with this next recipe.

IMG_0534     You may also use canna-coconut oil, but I hav’nt tried that one yet, so be careful it might end up being more potent that you think.

Ok, on to the recipe,

These are organic, homemade peppermint patties but Canna Better…cheesy I know.


  • Flour      1 cup
  • Coconut oil ½ cup
  • Honey 4 tbs.
  • Milk 2 tbs.
  • Peppermint essential oil 6 drops
  • Canna-chocolate Dip


Mix the flour, coconut oil, honey and milk well then add the peppermint and mix till it becomes a pliable dough. IMG_0519

Form small balls and smash them till they look like a flat cookie.

Place cookies on parchment paper and put in freezer.

Next, melt your dipping chocolate and add your canna-butter.  Mix thoroughly.

When cookies are hard, take them out of the freezer and dip them individually in your canna-chocolate. (I usually use a spoon)

Set each cookie back on the parchment paper, and let the chocolate set.  If you put them in the fridge too early, the chocolate will not set properly.  The technical term I believe is “tempered.”


It will still be and taste fine, but not aesthetically pleasing 🙂

Once set, you can enjoy your canna-mint cookies or put them in the fridge for later.


Leave a comment and let us know about your cannabis cooking experiments.

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