Rilla Vape Review

Background on Vaping

IMG_0469Yes, this is a review on the Rilla Vape Pen.

But before I start, I think its only right you know my background in vaping.

I mean what good is a review of a product if its the only product you’ve ever tried…right??


My first vape was bought from a vape lounge in Northern Cali, just the cheap starter vape I used to try and quit smoking.  They had a variety of different flavored oil and the vape worked for a few days.

BUT…it was fragile, needing to be in a certain position for the oil not to leak into other parts.  Of course it was a mess and broke.

vaoe 2     My second  vape was a PAX. It’s cool, and I like the fact that it uses raw cannabis.  But I’ll admit it can be difficult to use and its doesn’t allow for use with oil or other concentrates.

I like concentrates and trying everything so I was looking for something more versatile.

If your interested in concentrates check out my post on different ways to use cannabis. Also the review of badfish.

The Rilla Vape Pen

I saw the Rilla Vape on eazeup and decided to give it a try. I was also hoping that it might help me quit smoking cigarettes.

IMG_0467I liked it so much, I let my wife try it and had to buy another one. Guys…I think you can relate.

One of the best things about the Rilla Vape is its affordable. Making sharing a little easier…lol.

It was cheaper than that starter vape I bought, and much cheaper than the PAX.



It was easy to use there’s no turning it on or off, and its rechargeable.  And I don’t have to worry about how its positioned because the cartridge and oil are completely separate from the pen and battery.

Finally, the best thing about this vape is its functionality.  It can be used with other oil cartridges not just the Rilla brand. I think it can also be used with other attachments, but I haven’t tried that yet.


If your interested in trying a vape, or vaping cannabis oil, I do recommend the Rilla Vape and their cannabis oil collection.

The cannabis oil is labeled and has provided effective relief.  I have tried 4 different strains all with  fairly consistent results. I will probably compare cannabis oils in another post.

If you’ve tried the Rilla Vape Pen leave us a comment on your experience.

2 thoughts on “Rilla Vape Review

  1. Hey,
    I was on the hunt for vape pen materials today and found this post on your website.
    Thank you for this informative article. I will use some of its points to complete a new writing on my Vaporizer blog.
    Again, thank you for this article!


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