How does cannabis affect sleep?

How does cannabis effect sleep?6632559017

Research on the effects of cannabis on sleep has been conducted for at least a decade, and much of this research concludes that cannabis does indeed effect sleep patterns.

But are the effects beneficial??

Most research suggests that cannabis is beneficial for sleep, but there are sceptics who are wary of the .


Much research has concluded that cannabis is beneficial for sleep apnea patients.

Sleep Disorder Table

Cannabis effects vary by strain.  Indica strains are reported to be more effective in inducing sleep.

Also, high THC strains seem to be favored by people suffering from sleep disorders.

Some research suggests a link between THC and the time spent sleeping.

I don’t know if this is just rumor, but I’ve also read that old cannabis may be better for sleep apnea due to its high CBN content.

As THC cannabinoids age their converted into CBN, CBN is much more sedating than THC.


Medication Comparison

Prescription sleeping medications are designed help patients fall asleep.

Cannabis vs. Perscription
Cannabis vs Perscriptions


But, sleep medications actually decreased slow-wave sleep (deep sleep) and increased light sleeping.

Essentially, time spent asleep may increase but the quality of sleep decreases.

Cannabis contains endocannabinoids which supplements the naturally present endocannabinoids in our system acting as sleep regulators.



As a medicinal cannabis patient, I have used cannabis to help with sleep.

Living with a mild form of PTSD, and sleeping problems since childhood I use cannabis to help me fall asleep and decrease REM sleep (Nightmares).

Using cannabis has improved my quality of sleep as well as sleep anxiety.




For those who prefer to eat their cannabis, edibles may take more time to take effect, but may help you stay asleep longer.

Beware of using low grade cannabis, particularly when smoking, it may cause headaches or a “hangover” sensation.


Informative Resources


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