Day Dreamers Chocolates Review

Day Dreamers Chocolates ReviewIMG_0395

Day Dreamers Chocolate is a company in Northern California, specializing in chocolate cannabis edibles.

The website features 8 types of chocolate, that are well packaged and labeled.  The chocolates are packaged in individual doses.

This is a nice feature for new patients.  I think it makes it a little easier to track your tolerance level.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat with happiness built in, you’ll want to try Day Dreamers.

I’ve tried a few different products from Day Dreamers and I haven’t been disappointed.

Products I’ve tried and enjoyed;

Day Dreamers chocolate review

These chocolates may sound too good to be true, but effectiveness is going to vary person to person.

A few words to the wise…if you’re a regular user effects are going to be less stimulating than if you were a brand new cannabis patient.

That being said, I do post my reviews for the regular cannabis patients and can say the effects listed in the graph are the experiences of at least two if not more cannabis patients including myself.

So as to the dosage of this product.  First timers should try one and wait at least 30 min before eating another.

For regular users I would calculate based on weight, 1 piece / 100 lbs.

I would give Day Dreamers a four star rating.


If you’ve tried Day Dreamers let us know what you thought here.



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