Can Cannabis really affect your sex life?


The answer:  YES!!!Insects mating

Now remember cannabis hasn’t been researched as extensively as it should have been for the last thousand years.

But there is strong evidence in current research that suggests cannabis can affect both the male and female libido system (sexual arousal).

Of course you’ll find different results with different strains and with different dosage.

Those who are daily users will not have the same heightened experience as occasional users.

And your current mood will also affect how cannabis heightens emotions.


The reality of it is, cannabis affects testosterone levels in both men and women.  Testosterone decreases.

9401997695_67c7e7cf66For most women this may not be such a big deal.

But testosterone is still linked to sexual arousal and could decrease your sex drive. Particularly in regular users.

However, certain cannabis types are rumored to increase sexual arousal in women.


These types of cannabis are sought after for these effects.  Leafly has a nice table with various cannabis strains for sexual arousal.

Foria is one company here in Northern Cali that caters to the female consumers looking to enhance their experience.

For the men, cannabis use is not as exciting sexually.26047884682_674e2bfeaf

For those who regularly use cannabis, research showed a decrease in sexual arousal and similar affects regarding erection, stamina, and sperm count.

Any guys working on kids should probably take it easy on the cannabis 😉

Not to say that women get all the good benefits, one study suggests that high levels of cannabis use affects female secretions during sex which may act as a herbal spermicide.

But DO NOT rely on cannabis for birthcontrol, it has not been found effective at all in prevent pregnancy.

So although cannabis is rumored to increase sexual arousal, this is not always the case. And shouldn’t be used when trying to conceive.

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Here are some good sources of information I found helpful. via

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