Review of Badfish Extracts

HappyDays420 Reviews: Badfish Extractsshatter wax

Badfish is an extract company in northern California, it’s very proud of their award winning jerky edibles and clean concentrates.

So to be honest, there isn’t a whole lot to their website.

They have a nice display of pictures focusing highlighting wax production, but the website is more of a contact page for dispensary owners looking to stock product

Which, if you do own a dispensary in Northern Cali, they would be a good contact.

So here’s what I’ve heard about Badfish.

badfish selectionThey use the CO2 method of extraction, which is a clean extraction method, no butane or other harmful chemicals.

The CO2 method is the same extraction method used to make essential oils.

I’m considering having my wife post her methods of using essential oils…let me know if your interested.   Link

My personal experience with Badfish.

Being in the Northern Cali area, Badfish is stocked regularly at most collectives, so I’ve tried many different wax strains.

In my experience, the packaging hasn’t been misleading.  The products are labeled properly.  That’s the first thing you want look for.

And the strain names do correlate with the bud. I can taste the consistency when I order a favorite strain.Badfish favorites

It may have differences in taste and smell, but we are talking about the produce of a plant.

If I order one of my favorite sweet strains of Badfish wax, I know it’s not going to taste like gas.

To those of you who are new to cannabis this is what I look for when considering wax

  • Properly labeled product
  • Clear, Golden Color

purity and potency increase with color clarity

Have you tried Badfish?? Leave a comment and tell us what you thought?



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