4th of July Cannabis Smoothie

 Happy 4th of July to all American’s. As we celebrate the Red, White, and Blue with our BBQ’s and fireworks. I’ll be sharing with you my favorite refreshing smoothie recipe with cannabis.


In a previous post, I discussed some different methods of using cannabis.

In this recipe we will be juicing raw cannabis leaves.  I’ll walk you through what I did but promise you’ll let me know your ideas in the comment section at the bottom. 😉

I picked my cannabis leaves fresh off the plant, check out the growing process here.


Of course, you want to wash off your fruit, but you don’t want to wash off the trichomes on the cannabis leaves.

Having a little dirt on the leaves will not hurt you. My mom used to say “God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt.”  Hahaha, anyway its not gonna kill ya.Blender

But you want to make sure there isn’t mold or mildew or bugs on the plant.

If you do need to wash the plant its ok, it will still contain beneficial nutrients, but the potency might decrease.

In this smoothie, I didn’t include ice because my blending container was too small, but if I had room I’d include it.

I used a Ninja blender I bought at Costco, its awesome. But I was using the small container, so I had to add ingredients as I went.


My smoothie included;

  • Hand full of blueberries
  • 8-10 strawberries
  • 1 cup pineapple
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 10-12 Cannabis leaves

First, I blended the strawberries and blueberries. Then I added the pineapple, orange juice and cannabis leaves

Canna SmoothieIf your mixture is too thick after blending add more juice.


After drinking a few sips of this smoothie the pain in my legs, which I had been feeling since I woke up that morning was gone almost instantly.

I did not get really “high,” but I could feel my mood lifting and my energy increasing.

Let me know if you try my recipe or how you adapt your own.







Oh, yes and here is another cannabis coloring page.

weed print

weed finger print pdf


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