Flowering Cannabis

When to Flower Cannabis

When the cannabis plant is nice and strong, in the vegetative state, you can begin the flowering transition. (Also see sprouting, on how to get started)

I have read different opinions on how many stages there are in the flowering phase. But if you are truly caring for your plants, you’ll notice little differences everyday.

I’ll be describing three;


The first thing to do is change the light cycle.  I didn’t go straight to a 12:12 day to night ratio.  And I think it was for the best.

pre-flowering cannabis

I started the change at a 16:8 ratio, for about 2-3 weeks.  Some say the 12:12 is best for a shorter blooming period, but I think it decreases bud production.  I’ll let you know how they yield at harvest.

Note: Don’t change the nutrients yet.  You’ll need to give them different nutrients during bloom phase.  But not during its transition.

I changed my nutrients too fast and put the plants in shock.  Luckily, they recovered after flushing the roots.


Pre-flowering  is when the sex of the plant is determined, so watch for the pistils.  You don’t want sacks.


     If you discover any males, take them out.  They will ruin the females if they get them pregnant…sounds familiar hahaha.


The females will start showing little white hairs at the nodes of the stems.  These hairs will multiply and you’ll start to see the flower pods develop.

You do not want to “prune” during this phase because the plant is using every part  and ounce of energy to produce the flower.  Only take what’s dead.

This is when you want to change your lighting.  Use a red florescent light and a 12:12 day to night ratio.  Do not let light leak into the plant area during its night cycle.  This can cause the plant to be a hermaphrodite.

Flowering 1

This is the stage to change the nutrients.  It’s also the stage when nutrient deficiencies will be most visible and the plant highly sensitive.

Don’t get too excited and over feed. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. (I can’t really remember where I heard that…)

Stay between 6 and 7 PH, monitoring the PH levels will help determine what nutrients are needed, if any.

Full Bloom

This will be the longer stage and most exciting.  The plants will “stretch” and the hairs will get bigger, longer, and change color.Flowering 2

The plants will need more water during the early weeks of this stage, every 2 to 3 days. Keep the nutrients steady at about every third water.  I use the 1 tbs to 1 gal ratio for nutrients and water..

I keep my plant space between 75-82 degrees F.  I do have fans running 24hr. but in the California heat with no air conditioning, it’s difficult to control.

The humidity can be anywhere from 45-55 degrees’ average, any water running and it’ll hit 60 degrees on an already humid day.

These  plants will continue to get bigger, wider, heavier, and change color and when their fully mature they will smell…a lot.

Flowering 3

That’s it so far…coming soon.  Full Bloom & Harvest 🙂


Some other resources I enjoy with helpful information;







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