Cannabis Coloring

Cannabis Coloring Pages


Adult coloring pages have captivated my wife.  So, I decided to try my hand at making coloring pages featuring my favorite plant104_0027 drawing.

Making coloring pages turned out to be fairly simple, but of course I had to complicate it in the beginning myself.

This might sound like the long way, to you pros out there, but this was my journey to making coloring pages.

My first step was sketching some leaves, like the one below.

Took pictures of my sketches and uploaded them into google drive.  These pictures were anything but coloring material (yellow-ish with a spotty hazy looking background), the picture below…I had to edit them.

104_0026I researched a couple ways to do this, first using adobe Photoshop (which is good for editing photos…but what I needed to do was change the photo).

I then discovered pixlr (Awesome!!!)  Using pixlr, I was able to change the photo and get some brighter more “coloring” looking photos.

But I’ll admit it still wasn’t what I was looking for.  I finally found colorscape, an app on my iPhone (unfortunately not available on android), but it worked.


I finally found colorscape.  This is an app that lets you upload photos from your phone and turn them into coloring pages.

So I uploaded the pictures of my drawings and Waalaa…


Second, I saved the photos to google drive and used google drawings to layer the images like a computerized sketch. (The picture above is two separate drawings layered together.)


I then copied the layered pictures back into colorscape to finalize the coloring pages.

The reason for this last step was the fading that is caused when pictures are layered ontop of one another.  So placing them back into colorscape made it possible to enhance the lower layers giving more detail to color.

Below are links to some of my coloring pages.


Leaf expansion


Leaf vines


I’d love to here your cannabis art ideas, leave a comment and tell us what you’ve been doing 🙂




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