Ways to use Cannabis in your daily life.

Use cannabis in your daily life.

There are sooo many  different ways to use cannabis, many of them are quite stimulating for the mind and some of them will not even get you “high.”  And still provide relief from aches, pains and other ailments.

I truly believe in the healing power of cannabis, and the more methods I try the more I see the health benefits.

Just check out some of the comparisons between cannabis and the medication, I was taking.

There are some methods I have tried and some I haven’t…yet.

I definitely plan on trying them all and I’ll let you know what I use and how I use it.

But here are a few examples of cannabis use;

Straight Smokin

The first method is smoking.  This is my preferred method, but not my wife’s.

Chances are if you’re a smoker you know all the different ways of smoking cannabis and you know that some are healthier than others.

Different types of cannabis products that can be smoked.

native peace pipe (2)
Native American Pipe
  • Bud
  • Keef
  • Hash
  • Wax
  • Oil

All have varying concentration levels and  made different ways.

These are some different methods of smoking;

peace pipe

  • Papers
  • Straight Pipes (glass or wood)
  • Bubblers
  • Bongs
  • Hookahs
  • Vapes
  • Smoking papers

My preferred method of smoking is unprocessed bud with bubblers or bongs.

Bongs and bubblers allow the smoke to be filtered through water, which prevents you from inhaling ash or other harmful particles.

There is conflicting evidence as to whether smoking cannabis causes lung damage. Smoking using pipes or papers will increase the risk factor, but nothings been proven yet.

Hookahs are fun, but they can be pretty harsh on the throat.

Wax, and hash are examples of concentrated cannabis. Concentrates have a higher potency but their effects will vary based on the bud it came from.

File_000 (3) Concentrates can be processed naturally, but some people choose not to, it does take time.

Butane is often used in the wax production, but i advise against it

It might make it easier, but in my opinion it goes against the natural cannabis lifestyle.    


Because of the potency in concentrates is higher and chemical content is a factor; the health benefits of wax and other concentrates are in question.

101_1609For those who are regular cannabis smokers (like me), concentrates can offer an increase in potency and longer lasting effects than just using bud.
Smoking wax (Dabbing) requires a special pipe. The “bowl” of the pip is heated with a torch.

The patient will wait till the bowl is hot enough to evaporate the wax.  The smoker will inhale on the other end and at the same time he is placing wax in the bowl.torch 2

Just a disclaimer on smoking wax, torches and lighters do contain butane.

Inhaling this chemical is not good for you.  It may be the most convenient way of smoking.  Heck I do.

But the healthiest way is a match, hemp cord, or other natural substance.  For wax, a torch is definitely faster.


I believe there are vapes that will take different kinds of cannabis products like; bud, wax, or oil (please correct me if I’m wrong).

vaoe 2



I have a PAX vape that takes dry bud and I do believe the effects can be stronger than smoking with pipes.  But it’s not my specialty.

Here’s what I know…

There is still much controversy on whether vaping is healthier and safer that smoking, but I have heard that the body will absorb more cannabinoids with vaping.

My personal opinions about vaping are mixed. I do still smell of cannabis after vaping, although not as long.  My breath has a strong taste of cannabis.  But, vapes are more discrete…less of a head turning effect lol.


Edibles are some of my wife’s favorite cannabis treats.  Edibles effect people much different from smoking, usually more intensely. But it varies person to person.

edible sour rope
Some of my favorite edibles !!!

Not as much of a head rush as smoking. More of a calming and muscle relaxing effect, in my experience. My wife would say, its way better than smoking.

As with all cannabis products the effects will vary, heavily on body type and amount consumed.

You may find that it takes longer for the cannabis to take effect. Between 15 minutes to an hour for most people.

If the dosage is right it is well worth the wait.

For beginners, dosage can be tricky.  If you buy a brownie from the clinic, (Don’t eat the whole thing!!!) too much will make you feel sick and ruin your mood.

I suggest eating one bite at a time to start. Wait at least 20min. to feel an effect before eating another.  This is particularly true of fat based products, butter, oil, etc.

If you have a heavier build or higher tolerance it might be safe to eat more.  My advise, take it slow till your familiar with your bodies dosage.

There are several ways and ingredients you can use to make edibles.  This is my wife’s preferred method of consuming cannabis, I think its cause she’s the cook, hahaha.

cannabutter-photosforworkTo make edibles you will first need to infuse your desired ingredients.

Some of the most common infused ingredients are;

  • Butter
  • Cooking oil
  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Sugar


My wife’s cannabutter recipe is here.  She says butter and oil are the easiest ingredients to infuse.  She hasn’t finished writing all her canna recipe’s, so I’m including links to some recipes she wants to try.


Tinctures and extracts can be used in a variety of cannabis products like; edibles, drinks, and topicals.  These products are also made by infusing;Untitled drawing

  • Alcohol
  • Vegetable glycerin

Tinctures or extracts are made with the highest proof alcohol you can find, typically 80-90 proof is good.

Tinctures are popular in topical medication, and good for arthritis and other joint paint.

They can also be used to make drinks.

Infusing vodka sounds fun 🙂

Tinctures and extracts are also made using high quality vegetable glycerin.

Extracts are often used in cooking.  My wife makes and uses the extract when butter cannot be used or when she doesn’t have cannabutter available.  It can be used like flavoring, when making candy, jello, drinks, and more.


Juicing raw cannabis leaves is new to me, but I did try it and I have to say it was surprisingly effective.  It’s has rather soothing effect without the “high.”

This method provides a bodily relief and helps with the following ailments;

Infused water 🙂
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Glucose levels
  • Cellular dysfunction
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Cancer cells
  • Poor Circulation
  • And more


We tried straight canna juice, but its tolerable not really desirable.

So she decided to add some extra ingredients…

There may be some drawbacks to juicing raw cannabis for some patients, because many THC cannabinoids in the plant must be activated by heat.

But, this method is high in CBD, which is a cancer fighting agent.

Salveslet solidify

Topical treatments can be some of the most effective in treating joint pain, burns, inflammation, and dryness.

I’ve also heard it can be used for acne, eczema and other skin conditions.

My wife, makes a lot of home made remedies, including cannabis salves.

She has a list of ingredients, and recipes, here.

you can use infused oil, but it is legal to purchase hemp oil at your local market.  I get mine at whole foods 🙂

I hope that’s enough information….. 🙂

Some great resources I use for information and recipes:













For more resources of information and recipes check out my pinterest page.





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