Cannabis Consumer Beware

Cannabis Consumer Beware

One of the reasons I started this blog, is to share with people my insight into the world of cannabis (A wonderful world). So one of my goals is to provide information on

Example:  Sativa is known to be airy and light.                                           In my opinion, the above product looks leafy with thick stems (headaches).   It also has lots of crystals (potent).  This product may not be of the highest quality but it will do the job.
  • What I use/don’t
  • What I like/don’t
  • My opinions and recommendations

Cannabis is new to the “semi-legitimate” market and although people are starting to take cannabis seriously, its regulations are (almost) non-existent.

There is  A LOT of canna-products out there with pesticide, mold, and/or infestations. (fleas, with my own eyes)

Unfortunately, instead of getting thrown out, these contaminated products will be “cleaned up” and packaged as good.

I honestly do not know who produces, buys, or sells these products, but I have seen it packaged.


Especially, if buying it over the internet.  I suggest getting to know good cannabis, as well as the products you like, and which work for you.

There are clinics/clubs out there who use the wonderful pictures seen all over the internet, with beautiful colors, with labels of our favorite most popular strands.colorful cannabis_edited

This is all in an attempt to sell random product with a made-up name. (It may not be the real name of the strand or even the name the farmer gave it, but of course it will include the signature name of some popular strand).

Don’t get me wrong, there is a method to the naming madness, more on that topic here.

However, greedy people take advantage of consumers and package the cannabis under a different name or many different names in an attempt to sell it.

(Many “stoners” may not care, but for this stoner its a no-no.  I don’t want to be inhaling, eating, or otherwise consuming product that is not safe, healthy, and natural.)

Here are some consumer tips when shopping for cannabis:

Use your senses; good cannabis will have a good look, smell, feel, and taste.


Senses are huge when determining whether your cannabis is good, so if a shop doesn’t let you see and smell their product, they are probably not selling good cannabis.

Watch for different cannabis smelling the same.  A lot of cannabis will have similar smells, but in good cannabis you can smell whether its sweet, sour, dank, or fruity.

Two different strains should have two different smells.

If it’s a good product it doesn’t need a fake-name, that includes some famous brand, it’s just got to be quality cannabis.
Support your local independent club or clinic;

  • Get to know the staff of the clubs/clinics in your area.
    • (Some people train their employees to sell, sell, sell, no matter where it came from or what it’s called. These employees may even be pressured into providing false information).20352160828_b2f109e0e8
  •   Look for body language and sincerity in bud tenders.
    • (If club/clinic truly supports the world of cannabis they won’t hold back on providing information good information.)
  •   Good shopkeepers will have a pleasant attitude, answer all questions directly with references to the products they have on shelves.  Shopkeeper’s should be able to provide medicinal info on specific strands they have in stock.

If I’m not getting good, positive vibes when I enter the establishment, I probably won’t be purchasing there.

Shopkeeper Tips

The cannabis movement has a long way to go to combat the bad reputation, and the underground millionaire monopolies trying to take over.

Consumer education and loyalty is one way to keep the good, honest clubs/clinics around and in business.

(don’t let cannabis get swept away by the greedy businessmen and corrupt politicians).

Some awesome articles I enjoyed reading during the research and development of this article:


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