My recipe for cannabutter: plus some cooking tips

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      My wife LOVES to cook, so she decided to add her recipes to the happydays420 blog 🙂

Cannabutter takes time so make so give yourself at least 6-8 hours to devote to this project. No burnt kitchens 😉
Butter is going to be the main ingredient in A LOT of canna recipe’s. If you’re a canna connoisseur, the first thing you’ll want to learn is infusing butter.

final product

This is just like making flavored butter (if you’ve made that for holidays). It’s simple but takes a lot of time.

I know of 3 methods:

I find it sooo much easier to make cannabutter in a crockpot, (you can even walk away, for awhile.

But if that’s not available you can use a double broiler or a pot with water.

Crockpot:water in crockpot

  • First pour in approximately two cups of water (depending on your time you can choose either the low or high setting, but keep an eye on it if you use the high setting.
  • Add four sticks (1lb) butter.
  • Add ½ – 1oz. cannabis (you may want more or less depending on the potency of the cannabis and how much butter your using.)
  • Add ingredients to crockpot and WAIT (for a very long time) 6-8 hours recommended.

Double Broiler:

  • Fill outer pot with water
  • 4 sticks of butter
  • 1 oz. cannabis
  • Melt and mix in inner pot

Pot with Water:

  • Fill the pot with water about 3 cups and heat.
  • Place 4 sticks of butter in the pot (let the butter melt)
  • Pour 1 oz. cannabis in with butter and stir gently.
  • Place a cover over the pot and let the butter and cannabis simmer for at least three hours, keep an eye on it, don’t let the water burn off and the butter burn.


101_1561Infusing cannabis can increase the bodily effects, so if your cannabis is really potent you may want to use more butter to even it out.

Be conscientious of your portions, different strengths and cook times effect the potency of the butter.

If it’s a strong strand you may want to use less cannabis and more butter.  The longer you let the butter simmer the more potent the butter will become.

Trust me; if the butter is too strong EVERYTHING you use it with, will taste, smell, and make people uncontrollably SLEEPY. I have had people pass out on my couch if my product is too strong.

I have seen recipes that tell you to wait three days and I’ve seen some that say a few hours (3 days is too long in my opinion, you don’t want to burn the house down, even if it is a crockpot).  My opinion is stay between 6 hrs and 24 hrs, butter2 .

At 6 hours the butter will have a good kick to it without making you drowsy.

At 24hrs the butter will “put you in your place and refuse to let you up.”  hahaha

(again depending on the type of cannabis)

When you decide the butter is finished, let the liquid cool for a minute (you will burn your hands if you try to strain the butter right out of the pot).  Don’t wait too long or it will start  to solidify and need to reheat. (You know how us “stoners” can be)

Strain the liquid into a large container using cheesecloth or something similar (as long as it’s clean I will use a torn up t-shirt).cheesecloth

You’ll need a container that can hold all the liquid, not just the butter portion (or you will lose product).  Once you’ve strained, put it in the fridge, and let it separate and solidify.

DON’T FREAK OUT: the excess water will separate from the butter, the butter will look greenish and the water will look dirty brown.


(The water at the bottom of the container will not harm your product, you can poke a small hole and drain the water out.  Some people choose to scrap off the soft bottom portion, I).

photo from:

.  You can also take the butter out of the container, pour the liquid and excess out, and reheat the butter to set nicely in the container.

Keep refrigerated, use within 1 month.


Here are some sites that helped me adapt my own cannabutter.



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