Living with ADHD


How cannabis reduces effects of my ADHD

My wife and I both suffer from moderate ADHD and we both switched to cannabis rather than prescriptions to reduce the effects of ADHD. You can find some of the medications we had been prescribed and their side effects compared to cannabis here.

ADHD letters-photosfor work   The severity of ADHD is different with every person.

There is lot of skepticism regarding cannabis and ADHD symptoms. Since my wife and I were diagnosed with moderate ADHD as children, we are well aware of how difficult daily life can be.

Being unable to concentration or focus on one task, but having a million racing thoughts of all the things you should do or could be doing (that’s just the adult side).  Its even more difficult as a child with a wild imagination, I believe many people still struggle with understanding ADHD.

I notice it, in my wife, when she cleans the house. She will start in one room and area, then she goes to get something and gets distracted with another area.  She’ll then remember she was cleaning the other room and the cycle will continue. ADHD icon-photosforwork

In school, teachers didn’t know what to do with me, I was always getting in trouble for spacing out, doodling in my book, talking, passing notes (you name it, I did it) I just had too much energy and way too much family trauma to focus on classwork I didn’t understand.

But enough about me..

It can be very frustrating for me to hear that there are people who think ADHD is some kind of fake behavior or an excuse for misbehaving children.  ADHD is real and it affects a lot of people.

My theory has to do with our brain chemistry changing because of the technical evolution we created. Look at brain scans of people who never used a cell phone or watched t.v., and compare them to brain scans of our generation.

I’d be willing to bet there’s a difference and it’s not likely good.


This is a good definition I found of ADHD:

“Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health condition exhibited by difficulty maintaining attention, as well as hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. Adult ADHD symptoms can lead to a number of problems, including unstable relationships, poor work or school performance, and low self-esteem.” (


ADHD causes a lot of frustration and anger when you aren’t able to communicate your meaning clearly to others. It can also cause confusion during conversations, giving or receiving instructions.

(you think you heard one thing, and turns out you got distracted and it was something totally different).

It also makes it nearly impossible to listen (someone is talking and you lose the conversation mid-sentence, because a thought popped into your head. Next thing you know you missed half of what they said…so frustrating.)

plant 18This all happens SOBER.
I know what your thinking, a lot of people do that.  All I can say, is that there are varying degrees of all kinds of diseases and disorders, ADHD is no different.

I’m sure if we looked back through the past few decades of brain development we would probably find symptoms of ADHD are more common and have an older history than we think.

Since both my wife and I have ADHD our relationship is unique and like all relationships, has its many challenges. It helps that my wife and I understand each other’s ADHD symptoms’, but it doesn’t prevent frustration from occurring.

(when you can’t focus on what your wife is saying and she’s right in front of you, she will get mad and vise versa.)


She and I work together to combat the effects of ADHD, but we would not get very far without cannabis to alleviate some of the symptoms.

My wife and I personally feel that cannabis, in its natural state. has made the most positive impact on our ADHD symptoms.

Here’s a little example of before and after cannabis:

WITHOUT cannabis, after ordering take out and finally getting my wife to sit down and eat. I’ll start a movie and no more than 15min. into it, my wife has to start doing something.cannarainbow-photosforwork

She cannot sit through a whole movie without having something else to do. ( I know this sounds like I’m bashing my wife, but she admits to it and honestly I don’t post anything without her reading it)

She will start cleaning, cooking, working on her laptop, or (if I’m really insistent on her sitting with me) she’ll get her crochet stuff out or something to keep her hands busy.

For me, it’s my phone, if the movie hasn’t caught my attention within the first 10min., my phone is out and I’m surfing. We just can’t sit through a movie.

101_1579WITH cannabis we can actually enjoys each other’s company  and the movie for more than 15 minutes. We can talk to each other and focus on what we’re saying to each other.(Hallelujah)

I started using cannabis to treat ADHD early in life, but my wife just started.

It has made a world of difference for her and her ability to concentrate on things. She will tell you, her work has even improved because she is able to focus better throughout the day (without having to be high all the time).101_1356_edited_edited

Of course, we still have difficulty multi-tasking and listening (we are definitely visual learners), but overall it is much easier to manage our attention and concentration WITH cannabis (and it has less side effects than the prescriptions we’ve been given in the past).

Cannabis has also helped our relationship, because we take the time to medicate together and have a conversation (actually paying attention to each other).

Cannabis has provided us with the ability to take time for ourselves and each other, put effort into communicating especially during periods of misunderstanding, and concentrate on syncing our values and goals for our lives.

Cannabis has been a true blessing to my family.


Some good resources of research and information

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