Did you ever plant seeds in school?

     Cannabis seeds can be sprouted just about any where!!!



Some different ways to sprout (germinate) seeds; small cups, paper towels, or my favorite is an egg carton.  You want to sprout the seeds separately, rather than placing them in a pot.  This makes it easier to plant them at appropriate distances and avoid having to transplant too many times (which can put plants into shock, or kill them.)

2016-02-28 05.16.50

Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t handle the seeds too much (oils on your hands are not good for sprouting).
  • Keep the seeds moist (you can submerge them in water, but no more than a few days)  Some seeds can take around two weeks to germinate. (I find it easier to germinate in a little soil).
  • Keep the temperature between 70-85 degrees.

Once the seeds have sprouted the real work begins 🙂

After Sprouting (Germinating)

When first planting the seeds, I would always recommend using organic soil.  Not only because pesticides are bad for you and WILL become part of the plant, but also organic soil yields a higher quality bud. (I’d like to bet pesticides in our soil are causing some of the negative side effects in a lot of products, not to mention new diseases.)101_1371_edited

If using a large planter, plant the seedlings about 6 inches apart, otherwise plant them in individual pots.  The nutrients in the soil and regular watering will provide enough nutrients for the seedlings as they grow for the first two weeks. (Don’t over water, moist not soaked)

Add nutrients PH tester(again go organic) to the soil, keeping the plant growing and in a vegetative state (till you’ve reached the pre-bloom period, in about 6-10 weeks).  This is also when it will be necessary to start monitoring  PH levels.  (Pure water is 7)

Nutrient quantities are numbers  located on the packaging of your plant nutrients.  You’ll want a soil high in nitrogen to start with a PH around 6.  Without proper PH levels the plant could start to look spotted and sickly.

Lighting is also essential (if not the most important ingredient); fluorescents will work, but you’ll need enough light to provide a full sun effect.  Lighting will need to change during the bloom stage.

It’s best to keep the light 2-6 inches above the plant during the sprouting period.

collage 1_edited

I’ve just started my plants and I’m trying indoor this year, so as I learn I’ll keep you up to date on what’s working and things I’m changing. Thanks for reading!!!

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