Cannabis…where did it come from??

Cannabis Roots

Fact:  Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years!!!

Unfortunately “facts” in the historical background of cannabis are still being debated by historians, but most theories point to Chinese Asia as the origin of cannabis.


The Asian cultures cultivated and used cannabis for their household materials such as, clothing, rope, pottery, paper, medicine, and used it in their spiritual rituals.  They traded the cannabis plant and their materials with the Persian, Russian, and European trades men.

asian men

Cannabis spread to multiple countries as one of the most important trade commodities across Europe during the Middle Ages.  The Asian, European, and Spanish used it for oil, cloth, fuel, paper, and medicine. There are also reports of Egyptians using it for both physical and emotional ailments (Depression).
egyptian pic

Cannabis in Americahemp cord

How cannabis got to America is also “iffy”, with many different theories, one claiming it came from Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century.

Yet, another states that the Spanish brought it at the establishment of Jamestown, Port Royal, Virginia, and Plymouth where it was traded with Native Indians.

My family says it’s an indigenous plant used by Native Indian (Americans) before settlers came to America.

When cannabis was legal, most people welcomed the new crop and used it in a variety of ways.  It was one of many crops being heavily taxed during the establishment of British colonies.

declarationCannabis was being used for medical purposes and the production of goods in the United States during its colonization and struggle for independence.

In fact the original Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written on hemp paper.

During the 20th century, at the time of the Mexican Revolution, recreational use of cannabis, boosted in popularity, and cannabis was soon being labeled as a poison. (Because of it’s wide spread use amongst the Mexican people.)

Cannabis was outlawed in California in 1915, and was outlawed country wide in 1937, claiming that cannabis had a high potential for abuse, no medical benefits, and was not safe to use without medical supervision (contradicting if you ask me).

According to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970; “Big people” have the right to regulate and criminalize cannabis (any substance) even for medical purposes.

apology letter


Good Facts about Cannabis:

Cannabis has a lower rate of abuse than alcohol, with less debilitating side effects. Independent research has found multiple medical uses for cannabis, including cancer treatment, and more uses for cannabis are continuously being discovered with side effects far less hazardous than prescriptions and other treatments.

Despite the prohibition of cannabis in the United States, its production never ceased, and it continued to produce items for almost every consumer market, (just check out pinterest).

My family has used cannabis for medicinal purposes for at least four generations, to treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and many other ailments.  We have always viewed cannabis as a healthy alternative to chemically developed prescription drugs. (Prescriptions with side effects that are no better and most often worse than the side effects of cannabis).


For more info on the differences between using cannabis and using prescriptions check out my post “cannabis vs prescriptions.” For a side by side comparison of prescriptions we used before we decided cannabis was way better.

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